Uesugi-kun, you've really done it this time. However, I will not hand my daughters over to the likes of you.

—Papa Nakano's monologue.


Maruo Nakano (中野 (なかの) マルオ (まるお) Nakano Maruo?) is the stepfather of the Nakano Quintuplets after their mother remarried, several years before the series begins. He runs a large hospital and is also a doctor. He appears to be an antagonist of the 5Toubun no Hanayome series since his official debut in Volume 6.





Ebata is the Papa Nakano's secretary and occasionally driver. Due to Papa Nakano's lack of time and attention towards his stepdaughters, Ebata is assigned to take care of the quintuplets.

Isanari Uesugi

Fuutarou's father, Isanari, somehow has a relationship with Papa Nakano prior to the beginning of the series. Through Isanari, Fuutarou was able to land the job as the quintuplets' private tutor.

Fuutarou Uesugi

Despite choosing Fuutarou as the quintuplets' private tutor, Papa Nakano has a hostile relationship toward him. He denies Fuutarou and objects him marrying one of his daughters. In the future, Papa Nakano refuses to show up at his daughter's wedding with Fuutarou until Isanari reprimands him.


  • "Ebata, it's such a joyous occasion for all of my daughters to clear their exams. I wonder if I'm smiling? ... I see. As their father, that's a given."



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