The Nakano Quintuplets are five identical sisters from the Nakano family.[1] They live in the 30th floor of a luxurious apartment.[2][3] The sisters live with just the five of them.[4] Their mother passed away 5 years prior to the beginning of the main story,[5] and their stepfather lives in a different residence. They were students of Kurobara High School before transferring to Fuutarou's school[6].


Each of the girls' name referencing a number, indicating the order of their birth.

  • Miku Nakano, Third Sister. Mitsu (三つ?) means three.


The five sisters of Nakano Quintuplets have large dark-blue eyes, various shades of red hair-color, an average height, and a shapely figure. While they're physically the same, each girl have different hairstyles and accessories.[7]

  • Ichika has very short hair, her accessory is an earring in her right ear.
  • Nino has very long hair and wears two butterfly-shaped ribbons on both sides of her hair.
  • Miku has medium-length hair and wears a wireless headphone.
  • Yotsuba has short hair and wears a ribbon atop her head.
  • Itsuki has long hair and wears two star-shaped hairclips near both of her eyes.


The Nakano Quintuplets follow the "go-toubun" (five portions/part, divided equally) philosophy given by their mother.[8] They consider themselves five parts of one whole, and have to share any kind of emotions together, such as anger, joy and love[9].

Each of the sisters have different traits and personality, some are similar, and some are contradictory. For example, both Nino and Itsuki are afraid of needles[10]. Another similar traits would be Nino and Yotsuba, both have outgoing personality and therefore made a lot of friends[11]. The Quintuplets' difference in personality can be taken from Miku and Yotsuba. Miku is a rather reserved, silent type girl while Yotsuba has an active and cheerful personality.

  • Ichika is mature and playful.
  • Nino is scheming and protective.
  • Miku is silent and reserved.
  • Yotsuba is cheerful and outgoing.
  • Itsuki is serious and earnest.


The sisters have different unique skills, such as acting, cooking, and playing sports. All of them have bad grades, and they almost being held back a year.[12] They have different subjects in which they excel, but even the grades of those subjects is still mediocre.[13]

  • Ichika's strongest subject is Maths.
  • Nino's strongest subject is English.
  • Miku's strongest subject is Social Studies.
  • Yotsuba's strongest subject is Japanese.
  • Itsuki's strongest subject is Science.


Ichika remarks that the girls are used to be close, hinting that their current dynamic is slightly distant than the past.[14]This can be reinforced by the duo Nino-Itsuki and Miku-Ichika that are closer with each other, and seems doing activities together more often than with the other sisters.[15][16] However, all five of them still share a strong bonds.[17]

The girls love their mother dearly.[18] but hinted to have a bad impression towards their father.[19]

Most of the Nakano Quintuplets reject Fuutarou early in the story, due to various reasons, such as pessimistic towards their learning capabilities,[20] being protective,[21] expecting a better tutor,[22] or having a quarrel with him.[23] Over time, due to Fuutarou's hard work, they began to accept and appreciate him one by one.[24][25][26][27] Some even began to develop romantic feelings to him.[28]

How the Quintuplets address Fuutarou

  • Ichika: Fuutarou-kun[29]
  • Nino: This guy / That guy / You / Fuutarou (rarely)[30] / Fuutarou[31] / Fuu-kun[32]
  • Yotsuba: Uesugi-san[34]
  • Itsuki: Uesugi-kun[35]





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