Rena Nakano (中野 (なかの) 零奈 (れな) Nakano Rena?) is the biological mother of the Nakano Quintuplets and the late wife of Mr. Nakano. She passed away five years prior to the beginning of the series on August 14.[1] She only appears in flashback.

She was originally a single mother. Before the remarriage to her current husband, she has been living in poverty like the Uesugi Family.


Rena Nakano is described to be an incredibly beautiful woman during her teaching years. Her beauty charmed even the female students and there was a student fan club dedicated to worship her.


She is known to be very unsociable and serious, especially when it comes to teaching her students, but she was also very forgiving and for that (as well as her appearance), she was adored by her students.


Itsuki Nakano

Itsuki was definitely close to her mother as she would go to her mother's grave on the 14th of every month. She would also act as a role model for Itsuki, who listens to her words, especially when it came to choosing men. Due to this, Itsuki now aspires to become a teacher just as her mother once was.



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